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Date & Time in UTC Session Speakers Moderators Materials
September 26th 12:00-13:30 Equitable and transparent access to information
A discussion about the role of infrastructure for open and equitable access of information, how this reflects in design decisions and how open and FAIR relate to or mean to the rest of the world.
Sharif Islam; DiSSCo (Distributed System of Scientific Collections)
Karl Meyer; GÉANT
Emma Wilson Register

Previous events

Date & Time in UTC OR CEST Session Speakers Moderators Materials
June 26th 13:00- 14:00 The Hugging Face
In this webinar, Hugging Face’s Machine Learning Librarian, Daniel van Strien, will discuss how Hugging Face works to ensure machine learning models can be more easily found, used and built on by others, i.e. how they can follow the FAIR principles.
Daniel van Strien,
Machine Learning Librarian,
Hugging Face
Chris Erdmann & Donny Winston Notes
June 7th 12:00 am-13:30 Machine actionability
A discussion about what is needed to achieve machine actionability (e.g. semantics, metadata, operations, types), why automation is required in research, how researchers create machine actionable research outputs, and the available tools to facilitate application.
Claus Weiland Ivonne Anders Juliane Schneider & Andrea Medina Smith Notes
February 21st 2023 10:00 am-12:00 UTC Software & Workflows
A discussion about what the FAIRification of software and workflows look like, the available tools/infrastructures that support this process, why FAIRification is important and how it is applicable to researchers.
Carole Goble
Paula Andrea Martinez
Jafsia Elisee
Gladys Jerono Rotich
Gianna Jordan
January 26th 2023 10:00 am-12:00 UTC Identifiers
A discussion about what different types of identifiers are available, why are they important for creating FAIRDigital objects,how are they relevant to researchers and how to apply them and integrate them in research practices.
Maggie Hellström
Matt Buys
Peter Wittenberg
Nabil Ksibi
Natasha Simons
Patricia Herterich
September 30th 2022 16:00-18:00 CEST FAIR4Beginners
This is a first of a series of events designed to bring the community together to co-create material needed in different formats, e.g. training slides, guidebooks, video/animations, infographics etc.
FAIRPoints team FAIRPoints team Notes:
May 30th 2022 16:00-17:00 CEST Enhancing Sample Provenance and Experimental Reproducibility
Lack of reliable information about sample usage, location, provenance, metadata and experimental use is a core barrier to experimental reproducibility and general FAIRification of data. This presentation will describe how these issues are being addressed in the design and development of a sample management module within the RSpace electronic lab notebook, focusing on three specific challenges: (1) Incorporating sample data into experimental documentation; (2) Associating PIDS like IGSNs and RRIDS into sample metadata; and (3) Export of sample metadata in required formats to different domain repositories and databases.
Rory Macneil FAIRPoints team Notes:
April 21st 2022 15:00-16:00 CEST Things you need to know about Data Access Statements
Data access statements (DAS), also known as data availability statements, are key elements that can be used in multiple diverse disciplines and have a huge impact in providing essential information as it outlines where and how any underlying data may be accessed and reused, listing specific restrictions (if any) and the authorization process. It is therefore integral to the FAIRification process. Join us in this talk to discover how an effective data access statement should look like!
Juliane Schneider Chris Erdmann FAIRPoints team Recording :
March 23rd 2022 16:00-17:00 CEST Harmonising FAIR data sharing with Legal Compliance
FAIR mechanisms have pioneered a new paradigm of making data discoverable, accessible, and reusable. At the same time, a new wave of privacy and data protection laws (including GDPR) around the world is regulating how personal data is shared responsibly. This talk explores the intersection between the two communities and discusses how each can help the other. In particular, it focuses on how we can utilise FAIR metadata and mechanisms to ensure data is shared and used legally while also increasing its reusability. Conversely, it also takes a look at what FAIR principles can do for improving how we deal with legal compliance.
Harshvardhan J. Pandit FAIRPoints team Recording:
February 24th 2022 15:00-16:00 CEST Step by Step Publishing with ResearchEquals
In this talk, we will explore the open source publishing platform ResearchEquals, where you can publish your entire research journey, step by step. With this, researchers get the autonomy to make all their research outputs findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. In this presentation, Chris Hartgerink shows how you can get started with this new publishing system and how you can help shape its future development.
Chris Hartgerink FAIRPoints team Recording:
January 28th 2022 17:00- 18:00 CEST FAIRPoints launch
First community discussion exploring challenges, opportunities and pragmatic measures towards the implementation of the FAIR data principles, part of event series developed by GoFAIR US, SDSC, AGU, and SciLifeLab Data Centre.
FAIRPoints team Recording: