FAIRPoints Champions

We are looking for Champions to join our community. To prevent burnout, to enable new people to advance to championship level work, and to widen the group’s leadership pool, each champion term lasts for six months and may be extended based on your availability.

Here is what we are looking for to give you an idea of what the role will entail:

  • Promote actions categorized as “convey,” “contribute,” “collaborate,” or “co-create,” e.g. how would you like to contribute
  • Active involvement, defined as showing up to at least one-third of meetings and keynote events, occurring once a month.
  • Leading and observing community conversations in channels, such as responding to @mentions within a week.
  • Taking lead on suggesting, hosting and planning events
  • Providing feedback and input
  • In order to acknowledge and emphasize your contributions, we report progress informally during our community meetings, using the formula “discuss your accomplishments and what you’ve worked on or produced recently.” Could be something from any areas of your life :)

Benefits & Rewards:

  • Representing FAIRPoints in various contexts, such as virtually presenting FAIRPoints work at meetings or conferences
  • Actively learning from experience in community management, event planning, decision-making, and collaboration with various people
  • Recognition of accomplishments for actions and efforts on professional resumes
  • Champions are acknowledged publicly via our tweets, mailings, across platforms, etc. enhancing reputation
  • Taking part in training sessions and workshop delivery
  • Eventually, when funding is available, we plan to offer financing of conference participation and support internally organized workshops for cross-learning on the team level.

Sign up

If you have any questions drop us a line at fairpoints@protonmail.com and checkout our website!